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Company Overview

Stone Capital Investors, LLC is a private real estate company. Our firm invests in, owns and operates mobile home parks (aka Manufactured Housing Communities) across the southeast.

We provide accredited investors opportunities to co-invest alongside us as we seek to deliver superior returns on both cash flow and asset appreciation.

Stone Capital seeks to deliver value by implementing a hands on management approach and systematic operating system that improves the quality of the communities we operate. We strive to enhance returns for our partners and our community members, making our assets the premier communities in the markets they serve.


Stone Capital Investors

Our Philosophy

Exclusive Investments

Our investment philosophy is to identify and capitalize on mismananged, distressed or under performing real estate assets in emerging markets where intrinsic value can be found. We offer hands on oversight of all phases of acquisition, structure, capital and debt syndication, project and property management to insure a high return on investment for our partners.


Finding Opportunity

We leverage our more than 35 years of real estate experience to hand pick  investments for our portfolio.  We than visit the locations, evaluate the geographic and market data, and make informed deicsions related to potential growth and return.


Create a Diverse Portfolio

We have developed an Equity Partnership Structure for US Based clients to invest in unique real estate opportunities, providing both cash flow and opportunistic growth with multiple exit strategies.  Contact us to become a qualified investor today.


Asset Management

We do more than manage the books, our team actively visits, fully maintains and promote the properties online and offline. Our hands on approach is unlike any one else in teh industry.

Mobile Home Value Proposition

Supply & Demand Equals Profit

The demand for affordable housing is the highest need in the real estate sector in 2020.  This, coupled with the low supply of mobile home park inventory, creates an ever-expanding supply and demand in favor of mobile home park owners.  Our team not only identifies these supply and demand market triggers, but then actively cultivates and grows the park to their highest potential for growth.




Under management





owned | operated




Average Return on Equity


Now Is The Time For Alternative Investments

Our team has developed a tried and true strategy from the ground up that has garnered our partners a consistently higher return than traditional  investements.

A 360 Degree Approach

There’s more to an investment than the acquisition itself, and we take all of this into consideration when weighing an opportunity.  

Market Placement

Analysis of each assets place in the market it operated to see if the property is under-priced and under-managed.  Review of improvement opportunities to enhance values.

Employment Data

Property must be in a stable market with current job growth and a diverse employment base.


Identifying the low cast/high impact improvements that can be made to add value.  Assessing the current flow to asses the returns ove the life of the investment.

Exit Strategies

Establishing timelines and milestones that need to be met to insure our targeted exit strategies are met.

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    "There are many advantages of mobile home parks over apartment buildings including low turnover rate, less maintenance, and accelerated depreciation."

    Dave Van Horn

    "Mobile home parks have proven to be one of the highest yielding and reliable investments—especially when compared to similar-kind investments like self-storage and multifamily properties."

    Bryce Robertson

    "MHPs have gained the nickname over the years of “cash cows” due to the high cash flow that has historically been produced in the mobile home park space."

    current projects under management


    Since inception, our team has aquired, cultivated and grown over 5 MHP communities representing over 400 individual lots.  Our experience has shown that our approach to asset management is unlike any other in the industry.  

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